Madison Perry picture
Madison Perry
Meredith Oakes picture
Meredith Oakes
Vice President
Taylor Smith picture
Taylor Smith
Leslie Whaley picture
Leslie Whaley
Lindsey Seaton picture
Lindsey Seaton
Personnel Chair
Faith Boles picture
Faith Boles
Recruitment Chair
Jenna Hall picture
Jenna Hall
Panhellenic Delegate
Addison Domine picture
Addison Domine
Director of Marketing
Emma Barnett picture
Emma Barnett
Director of Friendship/Social
Sophie Cobler picture
Sophie Cobler
Director of Sisterhood
Ariel Schofield picture
Ariel Schofield
Director of Campus Activities
Natalie Albertson picture
Natalie Albertson
Director of Career Development
Lauren Lovett picture
Lauren Lovett
Alumnae Relations
Maggie Wright picture
Maggie Wright
Foundation Ambassador
Rachel Foster picture
Rachel Foster
Facility Manager
Chelsey Tucker picture
Chelsey Tucker
Scholarship Advisor
Elaine Bailey picture
Elaine Bailey
New Member Advisor
Savannah Michaels picture
Savannah Michaels
Cardinal Cabinet Advisor
Natalie Jones picture
Natalie Jones
Financial Advisor
Claire Dorris-Lloyd picture
Claire Dorris-Lloyd
Recruitment Advisor
Lindsey Quijano picture
Lindsey Quijano
Recruitment Advisor
Elaine Bailey picture
Elaine Bailey
Ritual Advisor
Jamie Vescio picture
Jamie Vescio
Ritual Advisor
Elaine Bailey picture
Elaine Bailey
New Member Advisor